The toolbox solution
for laparoscopy

Benjamin Seidenspinner
Senior Marketing Manager
General Surgery


Laparoscopic instrument system
for individual, interdisciplinary use

  • Comprehensive instrument system, perfectly integrated
  • Streamlined and cost-effective workflows
  • Individual combinations
  • Interdisciplinary applications
  • Intuitive and ergonomic
  • Optimized tray configuration possible
  • Well-thought-out safety concept
  • Wide range of jaw inserts with different diameters and working lengths
  • Variety of different handle designs



Overview of advantages

The toolbox solution

Efficiency as a result of uniform laparoscopic trays

  • Optimum workflow and harmony in the operating room
  • Save time and money through fast and safe handling
  • Can be used across different departments

Uniformly configured trays lead to clear structures and process certainty in all areas.

Large selection of different combinations

  • Selection of different diameters and working lengths
  • Large jaw diversity for a wide range of applications
  • Individual instruments of choice can be created using the modular concept

As individual as your requirements!

Ergonomic design

  • Axial and pistol-shaped handle versions
  • Wide contact surfaces in sensitive areas in order to avoid pressure points
  • Large and easily accessible knobs for rotating the tip of the instruments
  • Sensitive ratchet mechanisms

Refined ergonomic solutions for handles ensure relaxed hand position and optimum surgical comfort.

Safety and quality

  • Integrated safety concept excludes high-risk combinations
  • High-quality and long-life materials and processing
  • High-quality sheath-tube insulation as a result of powder-coating using Halar® 
  • Handles made of glass-fiber reinforced high-performance plastic
  • Interior joint mechanism prevents tissue from being pinched inadvertently

Safety in the operation workflow with long-life and reliable instruments.

Simple and intuitive

  • Three-piece dismantlable instruments
  • "Click-it" mechanism for simple and effective assembling and disassembling
  • Fast assembly and disassembly (also possible during the course of an operation)

Efficient operations as a result of smooth-running workflows without loss of time.

Discover the ERAGON
toolbox solution

Users report from their practical applications

Views and opinions

Find out more about the ERAGON toolbox solution at first hand.
Surgeons and operating-room personnel report from their own experiences using the ERAGON System.

See for yourself!

Put together individual and interdisciplinary laparoscopic trays from the high-quality modular instrument generation ERAGONmodular.

Benefit as a user from the ergonomic advantages of the ERAGON System and simultaneously introduce more efficiency in the operating room. Make a proactive contribution to enhancing efficiency and reducing costs at your facility.

Discover and make use of the many different advantages of the laparoscopic toolbox solution from Richard Wolf.

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